Friday, August 7, 2009

working hard to open asap!

little skips is finally starting to materialize. mitch and i have cleaned out the place, scrubbed the walls and are starting to seal the exposed brick. kris will start next thursday on building the bar, patching the hardwood floors, staining them and finally painting the walls. i've come up with a color scheme but not sure what people will think of it. it consists of antique orange and smokey greys. i love greys. greys are sexy. orange is my favorite color :)

joanna, the wonderful writer she is, worked on the little skips' business plan and it's amazing! i'll probably need to apply for loans eventually or at least find investors since funds are running ridiculously low.

i still need lots of help. kris will need manpower and i only have so much of that ;) i also need a logo designed, the sign built, cards, flyers and menus designed and printed. i need to plan a feasible menu for the limited kitchen appliances i will start out with. i have to shop for an espresso machine soon soon soon! anyone know anything about that as well please donate your brain to the cause!

otherwise, things are moving along and i am happy with the results thus far. we have had so much support from the neighbors and community who've been stopping by to inquire about when we'll be open. everyone i've met has been awesome and i am excited to be able to pioneer such a wonderful establishment in bushwisk right now.

more to come...