Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a long time has passed

i have been slacking on my updates of the progress of little skips. we did good for a while, started the build out and finally have an outline of a cafe and some colors on the walls. but like any adventure we have inevitably run into bumps along the road and are now facing our biggest bump yet. it's like i started off running, then flying. then my wings slowly got tired and i had to come in for a landing. and by landing, i mean picture a cartoon spiraling down for a crash landing like donald duck when he realizes ducks can't fly. alright, that may be a bit too exaggerated but gives you a nice visual for what's been happening with me and consequently with little skips.

i know that sounded like a very negative start for little skips or at least this blog post, it has actually been going pretty well. remembering to put my trust in the universe, i am working it out as i always do. luck has no home here. little skips will succeed as long as the love is still there. sometimes i find it the most difficult thing to make materialize an intangible idea of hope, love, community and art. if someone told you to draw these ideas you could only draw representations of each. how do you draw hope or love? i could draw a bunch of stick figures on a sheet of paper. that would come the closest to representing the word community, but does it do well enough to explain the idea of community? as for a physical representation of art, where would one venture to begin?

little skips is at best a funhouse, where everyone is invited to come play. i think if people can come together with the goal of smiling and laughter, we can gather a force great enough to change the world. i figured that's how i can make a difference, how i can do my part to save the world and make it a little bit cooler in the process. and i, rainbow, just have to bring these folks together. there will be art on the walls by someone supercool from down the street that stopped in one day and asks if i'd display a showcase of his work. we gave each other a forward knuckle pound because yes, we are that cool, we think.

some nights should also have local folks playing their best instruments together inevitably making supercool music where, here again, everyone is smiling. maybe some nights we can even screen movies and have popcorn but no butter or salt sorry. well ok, that's up for discussion.

little skips will have coffee and wifi because it seems that folks like to surf the world wide web while sipping a nice frothy latte or hand-blended tea. maybe i can make you a juice mash-up from a selection that happened to exist only because i thought the mix of fruits and vegetables looked pretty together and therefore would undoubtedly be yummy together.

i like food a lot. and by a lot i mean, if i'm not eating, i'm cooking. so thus, little skips will also have food. because during our walks around the 'hood' we find ourselves frequenting Mr. Kiwi's more than twice a day and spending more than we make a shift at the restaurant we work for (in the city) to supplement our real passion to be an artist, or rock star, or fashion designer or producer of something-or-the-other (or cafe owner). because for now, in our little town of New Bushwick, it's the only place to get decent food that isn't fried chicken or the empanada lady on the corner or even the new fangled CHIMI truck across from the gas station where it's always hit or miss. we must not give in to the golden-fried god!

i think the best thing of all is our efforts to find new ways to be green. no one's perfect but we can try at least. it's no longer an option in my opinion. i'd like for little skips to platform into a green pioneer for the neighbor and future businesses. i want us all to ask what else can we do to help undue the damage.

(as if this isn't already winning the award for my longest post thus far)

so the last thing little skips likes to do is we like to collect cool stuff made by cool people. and we are going to share our stuff with you.

how's that for a 'blurb on what little skips is about'? i promised it did start only with one sentence.