Thursday, October 28, 2010

double rainbow

photo by Katarína Hybenová
he said "thank you for sharing the rainbow with time it will be a spaceship." this made me smile for so long. we saw a double rainbow today. double rainbow all the way...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

8 months

eight months open. seems like much longer. it's still a roller coaster ride. still a baby. but now the baby is walking. or at least stumbling, fumbling. i'm beat. i fall asleep when i get home without even realizing how tired i am. i wake up in the morning or middle of the night in the same clothes i came home in. days mean nothing. time blurs so much hours and minutes make no sense. sometimes the two block walk home can seem like miles. i can imagine it's the same for henry, but he's younger, stronger or so we hope, because i'm getting old, quick. they say you are still a child until you have one of your own. i understand this now. i still feel like a child but like half grown. i guess give me another year and maybe i'll be a full grown adult. (not if i can help it).

little skips! oh how i love thee. it's coming into it's own. we have haters now so we must be making a mark. a yelp review i read today says "i don't like this place...i miss archive." well, get over it. love us or leave. or do yourself a favor and just love us. we love you still and mean you no harm my dear negative yelper. if you got to know little skips you'd realize it's magical here. it's beautiful no matter all the kinks that need to be worked out. but then again, it is my child so i'd love it no matter what.

i must thank all the beautiful people that come into skips. i am so lucky to have made so many wonderful loyal customers and great new friends. they make me feel normal. like i don't own a cafe. like i am just a regular little girl trying to make sense of this madness we call life. my heart explodes when i think about the wonderful people that come into the cafe. the meetings. the trysts. the lovers. the friendships made. the make-out sessions in front of the cafe. the dates gone wrong. the conversations our eyes have. the boy.

i love you charlotte, ray, frank, maggie, lena, shan, ty, autumn and eric, chloe, naia, joe, nicole, jenn, maria, emma, nicolas, rj, lee, james, gabe, gat, kat, andrew, mark, gordon and sauman, greg and colleen, archer, sean m, chris and rachel, who left today for the west coast to open up a super eco-friendly ice cream truck and who i'll never forget. they came in for the last time this morning to say good-bye and i seriously wanted to cry and truly realized i'd miss them. they are living the dream though. so in love, making their third cross-country road trip together. vermont, Connecticut, down the east coast and straight shot it to the grand canyon, because they've both never been. then finally settling in their new home, san diego. enjoy the sunshine. i promise to come visit one day, even if it's 5 years from now. just don't change your number chris.

greg, colleen and archer moving to east williamsburg. you will be missed as well.

luke had his 50's swing dance wedding reception party at little skips. frank, his album release party for photon dynamo and the shiny pieces. a fashion shoot. a commercial for mtv. a movie scene to be filmed here this friday. a short film scene for my girl erika, and liam.

harold. i still remember you. thank you harold. your mom is sweet. hope you are well.