Tuesday, July 28, 2009

july 28th tuesday

we picked up jenny yesterday from jfk airport. my dad is donating her to the little skips cause. now you ask who is jenny? she's my good friend from high school and my dad's current secretary/personal assistant. his business is slow so he flew here up to 'assist' me with opening the restaurant.

our first night we went to do 'research' at a little place in the lower east side that is similar to the what i would like to do with my cafe in bushwick. it was byob so we had to walk two blocks to get a bottle of prosecco and a nice french rose. the food was amazing. the ambiance was so cool, so chill, so unpretentious.

today i did what i could on the computer. i am an offiicial employer now. went to open a bank account but boa was closed. wamu told me i don't have all the right paperwork. i'll go again tomorrow, with the right paperwork.

things are good. things are happening the way they always were suppose to. love love love.

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