Monday, October 24, 2011

excerpt from 'the speed of time' by myself

again i contemplate time. how strange and magnificent it is. it means nothing really but so much. time is how we all relate to life. like, when i was 5. or when i was in elementary school; high school. when i was in college, i was forced to behave like i was an adult but i wasn't. i had to do things at certain times, which meant i had to set an alarm for myself and wake up at unnatural hours in the morning. i had a job and made my own money (though i still got money from my parents for most of the big stuff like rent and car insurance). i received bills in the mail and had to mail them back in the enclosed envelope with stamps i got from my mom. i had relationships with boys and they slept over and we made dinner and drank wine and beers (before it was legal too). though all along, i was not an adult. society was just training me to be.

that was a long time ago. and now i still feel like i'm playing adult. but in this new game, i own a cafe in a big city.

to be continued...

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